Letter to prospective bride.

Brides often ask me how I approach photographing a wedding. My philosophy has always been to take my work seriously, but myself not so much.

In my humble opinion there are three keys to getting good wedding photos:

1. A couple that really care for each other, can be in the moment and not sweat the small stuff.

2. A location that provides good natural light.

3. A wedding party and family that are easy going and helpful.

#1 is by far the most important and where I can help couples. I’ve been photographing weddings long enough to be able to take the pressure off of the couple. I’ll be the one getting the unruly uncle to behave and get in the shot. I’ll be the bad guy when your mother is trying to have you take more posed photos when you are clearly over it. I am very good at getting to know people quickly, disarming them with my silly accent and having them follow along for the ride. In my experience, if the bride and groom are relaxed and having a good time, the wedding goes smoother and the photographs reflect that vibe.

Location is a very important part of wedding photos. I have shot weddings all over the state of Georgia, as well as some out of state weddings. While I definitely have my favorite spots (see previous blog post on “Recommended Wedding Venues”), the most important thing for great photos is lots of natural light. A spectacle setting or view can look very impressive but I don’t let it overpower what the photos should really be about, the two of you. If light is right, a busy street, a colorful building, or a quiet corner away from crowds is often all you’ll need.

No one has control over how families will behave but as an experienced photographer, I understand the nuances of what can be a stressful day. I can provide a calming presence, and once all the posed shots are out of the way I’ll disappear and be the fly on the wall to capture candid moments that will surprise and delight you the first time you open your photo album.

Collaborating on images can be amazing so don’t hesitate to share your ideas so between us you get a set of images you love, that will be part of your new family for decades.